Oleos Cesiah appreciated your visit and invites you to know our large variety of oleo paints for decoration, painted by hand by the most skilled Mexican artists, our products are available in different measures and with rustic and carved frames, finishes in leaf gold, lacquered and rustic wood

We attend orders since one piece and we have excellent prices for wholesalers over the worl.

In Oleos Cesiah we create the most beautiful oleo paints over canvas, our paints are available in 60x80, 80x100 and 80x120 centimeters and in some models also in 40x50 and 50x60 centimeters

We also paint special topics by order in standard measures

All our paintings include the rustic frame, we have also available a large variety of frames in rustic,craquelado, laquer and gold leaf finish

We pack with corrugated cardboard, sealed air and strip so that your ship it arrives to their destination without a single scratch

We can sent to any place of Mexico and we make international shippings to any place of the world

Contact us and you will receive the personal attention of the Armenta family.